The making of Cielito Lindo taquitos
When the family took over the corner food stand they renamed it Cielito Lindo. It was not much more than a few wooden tables and benches, a charcoal burning bracero and a wooden shack to store a few supplies.

There was no running water so the water was drawn from the gas station directly behind the stand. The food was cooked at home and bundled in cloth (manteles) to be carried to Olvera Street by trolley.

Later, the family rented a small kitchen in a building near the Placita Church across the street from the Brunswig Drug store on Commercial street. Every morning they would walk from the little kitchen carrying the bundles to Cielito Lindo.

As business improved the family was able to buy a truck for deliveries. Soon taquitos were made in the commercial kitchen in Lincoln Heights.


Celebrating New Years 1952

The tortillas are made with wholesome ingredients without the use of preservatives.

Our taquitos are rolled using freshly made warm tortillas.

For our world famous avocado sauce we use fresh ripened avocados and add no preservatives.

Taquitos are cooked and served hot right in front of the customer.

Each taquito comes out golden and crispy for you to enjoy.


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Cielito Lindo is a taco stand that serves world famous taquitos on Olvera Street. You will find information, photos and upcoming, past and current events at Olvera Street.
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Our delicious menu includes everything from home-made speciality style Mexican burritos taquitos, burritos and beverages.
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